Pokemon Go Perks

The 3 built-in perks of PokémonGo

PokémonGo has officially taken over.  Did anyone expect this sudden takeover?  Could anyone have predicted this widespread phenomenon?  And honestly, the answer to that is a solid maybe.  The largest living generation in America is Millennials.  A generation that loves to be hip in the weirdest, non-hip kind of way.  So yeah, maybe this phenomenon could have been predicted.  But certainly not to the extent that we’ve seen it…mountainsphoto

Where the stock in battery packs has surged because PokémonGo drains your battery… Where wanted criminals are venturing into police stations with the hopes of catching yet another Pokémon… Where literal stampedes of people pop up in Central Park every time a rare Pokémon pops up…. Where Justin Bieber himself can go hunting for a Pokémon and no one will even pay attention to him…  Where hashtags like #PokémonGoMadeMe are taking over Twitter…

This is sheer madness, Pokémon style.  But hey, that’s okay.  Although PokémonGo is certainly one of the weirdest phenomena to shake the world (both past and present), it has its perks.

PokémonGo isn’t the traditional app you’re accustomed to using.  Why?  Because it makes you get up.  The further you travel, the more Pokémon you catch – basically, it’s a lot like the show.  Ash Ketchum, the main character of Pokémon, traveled through a variety of regions to capture his Pokémon in the infamous red and white Poké Ball.  If he stayed in one place, he would be highly unsuccessful at becoming the ultimate Poké Master.

Generally speaking, this spells out one thing: exercise.  Or at the very least, more exercise than most people are typically used to getting.  Which is a good thing.  People need to exercise more – even if it is only walking.  It keeps you healthier, happier, and more content with yourself.

So we’ve established that to play PokémonGo, you’re expected to get up and move.  But this doesn’t mean you walk around your home a few hundred times.  It doesn’t work that way.  Pokémon are scattered throughout the city, and they’re supposed to be placed near habitats they’d actually live in.  For example, if you visited the beach, you’d probably find a Staryu, which looks an awful lot like your run-of-the-mill starfish.

Most likely, you’ve seen the results of this for yourself – random groupings of people walking around parks with their phones held directly in front of their faces.  In all reality, this is nothing out of the ordinary, except for that whole park part… and the walking.  But hey, if people are both outdoors and exercising, phones in front of their faces is more than acceptable.

Everyone has the same opportunity to catch the same Pokémon.  In other words, a Pokémon will appear on the map within the game and everyone will flock to that spot in the real world.  While this could turn out badly, so far, it hasn’t.  In fact, people are bonding more than anything else… and with individuals they may never have met before.  And in a world that has seen so much hate lately, maybe a phenomenon like PokémonGo is just what we needed.

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