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3 simple hacks to speed up your smartphone

If you’re not there yet, then you probably will be at some point in the near future—in a position where your shiny and expensive smartphone moves slower than a slug on a hot day.

When you first purchased your phone, you were in awe of how fast you could transition from one app to another.  But now, things just aren’t the same.

So how do you get back to where you once were?  How do you rediscover the phone you once had?  Well, apart from a complete factory reset, there are a few simple hacks that you can try.  Here are a few to get you started.

So many apps, so little space.

Your home screen is prime real estate.  There isn’t much of it, and many of us prefer to use every square inch of it.  Apps, folders with apps, and widgets crowd your home screen, making it look busier than the DMV on a Monday morning.  And all this clutter makes your phone run slower than it should; therefore, take a few minutes to decide what apps and widgets you truly need just a tap away.  Do you really need to open up your Amazon app with one tap, or will two taps be just as sufficient?

Update that phone.

Updates are beneficial for a variety of reasons.  They give your phone more security, better options, and increased efficiency—and the last benefit is the reasoning behind this category.  When you increase efficiency, you typically increase the overall speed of things; therefore, it’s crucial to scan for updates every week or so.  Updates normally don’t take more than a few minutes and can be found in your settings.

Do you actually use it?

Have you ever downloaded an app thinking it was going to be the most magical app ever and that you’d use it every day?  And then, when you opened the app, you quickly realized how lame it was and never touched it again?  You probably have… multiple times.  Well, all these extra apps floating around inside your smartphone take up space and may even force your phone to participate in unnecessary background tasks.  So depending on whether you’re a serial app downloader or not, you should purge unwanted apps every two to four weeks.

There are many other things you can do to speed up your smartphone like clearing your cache and deleting all those thousands of screenshots and photos.  If you’d like some more phone-boosting tips, check out this site for Androids and this one for iPhones.

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