Here are 3 ways you can spot a credit card skimmer

What people so often fail to remember is that credit card fraud can come at you from sources you would usually consider to be trustworthy.  Credit card fraud doesn’t just happen online.  It’s doesn’t always require a stolen wallet.  And it’s not limited to the fallout of a breached database.kahovka-service

Credit card fraud can be the result of a typical cash withdrawal from the ATM down the street.  Or even a meaningless swipe at the local drugstore.  It really is all that simple… and routine.


Because credit card skimmers are alive and well and ready to take you for all the money you have.  Or at the very least, as much money as your daily limit will allow.  These nifty devices typically affix themselves to the top of any payment processor or standalone ATM to snoop out your credit card number.  The information these skimmers grab will provide criminals with the ability to make purchases or withdraw cash, courtesy of your bank account.

Fortunately for you though, credit card skimmers can be avoided.  You just have to know what to look for.  Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Credit card skimmers might involve a few separate pieces.  There could be something wedged underneath or on top of the pin pad.  There might be something attached to the card reader.  And there could even be a hidden camera nearby.  Because of this, it’s always a good idea to give pieces on the machine a tug to see if anything that shouldn’t move, does move.  If anything looks off – colors, material, covered graphics – or if anything moves, take that as a sign.  Do not use the machine.

If a criminal gets your card number but no pin number, they really don’t have anything.  But like mentioned previously, there might be a camera nearby with the sole purpose of picking up on those numbers you punch in.  So although it may look a little silly, you need to cover up those numbers.  Even if there’s no one around for miles and even if you see no sign of a camera, cover up.

If you pull at the pieces on the machine and nothing moves, an easy way to verify this is to check out any nearby machines (if there are any).  Take a look at the machine next to yours and make sure the colors, items, and graphics match up.  If you notice the card reader is red on yours but green on the other machine, then there’s probably something weird going on.  If this is the case, then you probably shouldn’t go to either machine.  In fact, you should play it safe and go somewhere else entirely.

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