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4 simple ways to get unstuck

We’ve all been stuck before.  It happens to everyone, and it isn’t any less painful the 2nd or 3rd or 50th time it happens.  In fact, it probably gets more painful and excruciatingly awful each time you find yourself stuck at the beginning, middle, or end of yet another utterly life-absorbing and entirely mind-numbing project.

Maybe you’re stuck creatively, and you can’t find a way to tap into that inspiration.  Or maybe you’re trying to solve a problem, and you can’t find a way to the other side of it.  Either way, it’s a horrible feeling.  All you want to do is finish the thing and be done with it, but for some reason, your mind won’t have any part of it.

We know how horrible it is to feel like this… like you have no clear path to a moving future.  So if you don’t mind, we’d like to provide you with a few pointers that are just as good – if not better – than dousing yourself with some really excellent cooking spray.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be stuck.  We sit there and then sit there and then sit there some more.  We steam and then fume and then start to boil over.  Instead of moving on and working on other projects, we choose to stay stuck.  But oddly enough, moving on is probably one of the simplest ways to unstick yourself.

Stopping and starting elsewhere will, in all likelihood, give you the jolt you desperately need to push your project forward.  Maybe you need a full day to work on other projects or maybe you just need a few hours – either way, it’s important to give yourself something new to work on.

The struggle is real, and sometimes it’s so realistically real that you can’t possibly see things from a different angle – which is why you should never be against asking others for input.  Even if you ask another person for their take on things and their take is in no way, shape, or form applicable, something they say can have a positive effect on your situation.  Sometimes all it takes is the right word to get yourself out of a rut.

There is no cap to this one.  Literally.  Although we don’t really recommend tossing your clothes and running down the street with nothing but a paint brush and a can of hot pink paint, you’ll probably be okay reading a book, sketching out a few doodles, or popping in some earbuds for a few hours.  Get those creative juices flowing, and give yourself a fighting chance to unstick yourself.

Nike said it best.  Sometimes the simplest way to get through a rut is to force yourself to just do it (especially if you don’t have anything better to do).  It doesn’t matter what comes out of you – unparalleled excellence or something awfully reminiscent of a nightmare – just get something out of you.  You can work with something bad.  But you can’t work with nothing.

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