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4 Technologies to Improve your Business

The good thing about doing business now as opposed to 20 years ago is that technology has made our daily activities more efficient.  We can do more things in less time and with each emerging technology, come exciting new ways to use it within your business—to increase collaboration, ease of use, and communication.

Here are a few ways technology can be used to improve your daily operations.

Dual Monitors

Once you switch to dual monitors, there’s no going back.  Even working from your tablet or laptop when you’re working on-the-go will seem like such a hassle.  Dual monitors are two functional computer screens installed side-by-side to maximize the real-estate you have to work with.

Writing an email but you need to refer back to a document?  Open your document and drag it into your second monitor.  You can interact with both programs at the same time without all the back-and-forth.  This technology works well for creatives, accountants, sales managers, technicians…basically anyone that has to work with two applications simultaneously.  Research has proven that dual monitors increase productivity and decrease on-the-job stress.


These communication boosters (or large flat screen monitors) are a surefire way to improve communication with clients, remote employees, and partners (and to look really cool in the process).  Hold a video conference and share your screen with the person on the other end of the call.  You can even write notes directly onto your screen that all participants can see in real-time.

A Mondopad’s large screen gives you the opportunity to see a live stream of you, your participants, and the project you’re working on.  You can control your Mondopad from a variety of connected devices such as your tablet, phone, or PC.  Select specific items from your PC that you want everyone in the meeting to see and keep other open applications and documents hidden.


If you work in a large building or office, you need a quick and easy way to communicate with people across the hall or five floors above you.  With Skype, you receive the luxury of simplified instant messaging and video chats.

Skype displays online statuses to indicate whether someone is in a meeting, busy, online, or inactive (meaning they haven’t touched their computer in a pretty long time).  Instead of picking up the phone to speak to someone (who may or may not be busy), and rather than walking clear across the building (just to find out the person you need isn’t in their office), send a quick message and receive instant feedback.

Microsoft Co-Authoring

Co-Authoring is a great addition for any business that creates reports, presentations, or marketing material.  It improves productivity, communication, and efficiency with a simplified approach to editing and sharing documents.

In the old days (which wasn’t that long ago), we would send a new document to another person.  That person would review it, make revisions, and send it back.  You would open it, meticulously try to find where the changes were made, add more edits, attach to email, explain edits in the email, and send back to the other person.  Then you would repeat the process five or six times, which could take days.

With Co-Authoring, the edit and review process is completely modernized.  As you write, another person can follow you with edits and you can see these edits in real-time.  Any changes made to a document can be explained in a comment bubble and you can review all edits at once in a separate revision pane.  You can even review and restore previous ‘file versions’ if you are unhappy with the latest round of revisions.

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