2015 September 5 Habits

5 Habits that are Killing Your Productivity

You may wake up in the morning and tell yourself, “Self, today is going to be a great day. I’m going to be so ridiculously productive.” But, unfortunately, no matter how many times you tell yourself this, your most productive part of the day may end and begin with you waking up.

It’s not that you don’t try.  You do.  You’ve just picked up a few bad habits and they’re killing your productivity.

Are you physically able to utter the word ‘no’?

Saying no every now and then doesn’t make you a bad person.  It makes you realistic.

You can’t say yes to absolutely every request.  If you did this, you’d never, ever finish anything on your plate.

Would you rate your ability to plan at say… a negative 2?

If you aren’t able to plan effectively, then you may as well just stay in bed all day.

You can’t go to work and just ‘take what life throws at you.’ Because if life had its way, you’d be taking bullets all day long, working on projects that don’t matter and forgetting things that do matter.

Do the sounds of chirping birds signal the end of your work day?

Many people tend to think that working afterhours is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  But, how far do those long nights really get you?

If you’re staying at work until the birds start chirping, you have problems.  You’re going to be burnt-out before you know it and moving further and further away from productivity.

Does the word ‘priority’ mean anything to you?

Not everything on your to-do list holds the same weight.  Larger doesn’t necessarily mean more important.

To be legitimately productive, you need to work smart and utilize your time wisely.  Prioritize your tasks by value and urgency.

Do you openly welcome ADD?

Do you welcome distractions with open arms? Is your cellphone above silent and your inbox maximized eight hours a day?

Don’t allow devices or people to kidnap your attention and hold it for ransom. Your quality will suffer and your productivity will all but disappear.

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