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5 things you can do today to get motivated at work


We’ve all been there before. You arrive at work, and the last thing you want to do is work. However, there are simple ways you can fight off this feeling of dread, this want for nothing, and this lack of motivation. Here’s where you can start.

Create smaller goals.


When you have large projects on your plate, it’s easy to feel like… well, like you don’t want to do anything. So, you basically feel the opposite of how you really should feel. Because of this, it’s important to break things up. Take those large projects and transform them into a handful of smaller tasks and activities. Space things out, assign deadlines to each activity, and make yourself feel a little less overwhelmed.

Get others involved.


When there are multiple people involved in a project, department, or activity, you might feel more motivation. This could be because other people are counting on you or because, as a team, you are all excited to work on something together. So, the trick is to achieve this group feeling when you’re working alone… and you don’t have to hand out work to other people to do it. All you have to do is get them involved, and you can do this by asking for their opinions or talking to them about your deadlines or ideas.

Pace yourself.


If you arrive at work to find yourself bogged down by a whole lot of stuff, then you need to stop before you start. Take a few moments to analyze what you have going on and then take all of this stuff and spread it across your day. Allow for breaks, gaps, and stare-off-into-your-screen moments. If you have the initial motivation to rush into the day and take whatever comes your way, that’s great. But eventually, that motivation will dry out, and you’ll find yourself sinking into your chair and melting onto the floor.

Give yourself incentives.


Want to feel motivated? Give yourself some incentives. For example, once you finish a specific section of a project, you can get up and go get yourself a snack or take a 15-minute break. While you’re basically just playing mind games with yourself, it works.

Prepare your body.


How do you expect to feel anything good if you treat your body poorly? Whether you decide to skip breakfast or eat a chocolate-coated pastry, you’re not giving your body anything to work off of. You’ll feel groggy and like you have no energy to do anything but sit and stare. And while it might feel nice to sit and stare, it won’t do you, your coworkers, or your company any good. Don’t skip breakfast and snack on quality foods throughout the day. And don’t forget that water!

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