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6 Chrome Extension you need to download

Chrome can be what you want it to be. Just a browser. Or a browser that helps you manage your life, simplify tasks, and entertain yourself in the process.

Here are a handful of Chrome Extensions that can help you improve your experience inside Chrome.

OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote is a useful Microsoft application. With it, you can create endless notebooks, organize these notebooks by sections and pages, and then organize the sections and pages with tags, lists, doodles, and spreadsheets. The OneNote Web Clipper Chrome Extension makes it easier to add things from the web – anything from articles and social media posts to recipes and images. Click the OneNote icon, select an area of the page, and then determine where you want the selection to go – which page in which section in which notebook you need the selection to exist within.


Momentum is a neat Chrome Extension because it can be anything you want it to be. It can be just an aesthetically pleasing way to open a new tab; it can be a simple path to inspiration, or it can be a quick way to organize your to-do’s. Create custom widgets, view the weather, integrate to-do’s from other apps, and feel good about yourself in the process.

Panic Button

Let’s face it. We aren’t always the most productive people we know we can be. Sometimes, instead of working, we’re actually on YouTube watching cat video after cat video after cat video. And while it’s true, people do need breaks, upper management doesn’t always understand that. Panic Button solves this little issue. Whenever you’re on a site you shouldn’t be on, click the Panic Button and all your open tabs will collapse into your Bookmarks section. And with one more click, you can instantly restore all your collapsed sites.

Turn Off the Lights

While this Chrome Extension won’t make or break your experience inside Chrome, it will make it significantly more pleasant. Anytime you’re watching a video on Chrome, click on the Turn Off the Lights icon and the browser will automatically focus on the video. The background will dim and fade into the video, creating a more “comfortable watching experience” as a result.


Everyone makes grammatical errors – whether it’s because they’re moving too quickly or because they really don’t know if a comma is needed or not. Either way, it happens, and when it does happen, Grammarly would like to be there for you. This Chrome Extension hides in the background and will pop up to let you know when you’ve typed something incorrectly. You can ignore the error or give Grammarly the permission to correct it for you.

Better History

If you go back to review your browsing history a lot, then it might be a good idea to add Better History to your Chrome. Better History works well because it creates a better user experience. From one location, you can filter through the history on all your devices connected to the same Google account – from your phone to your laptop to your PC. And then, you can narrow down your search to a specific time on a specific day. You can even search for the title or domain of a page.

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