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6 of our favorite online subscription boxes

Online subscription boxes have become quite the trend.  Who doesn’t love receiving a specially-curated box of goodies at their front door once a month?  The childlike joy is unsurmountable.

But which subscription boxes do we love the most?  Here are a few of our favorites.

Dollar Shave Club

This is basically the box that started it all.  Tired of heading for that razor in the morning only to find that it’s dull and uncooperative?  The Dollar Shave Club will ensure you never go without a close shave.  Receive a box of blade refills once a month for as little as – that’s right – one dollar.  Opt to include add-ons like shave butter, body cleanser, and moisturizer.  And don’t worry ladies.  You’re welcome to this box, as well.


If you like beauty products, then Birchbox is the subscription for you.  Each month, a Birchbox subscriber will receive a box of 5-7 high-end, beauty-related products.  But don’t be fooled; this $10 box isn’t just for females.  As a woman, you can look forward to items like eye-liner, dry shampoo, perfume, and lipstick.  As a man, you can expect to find items like deodorant, aftershave, body lotion, and hair gel.

Bean Box

Do you enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning?  Who are we kidding?  Of course you do.  Each month, Bean Box will deliver to your door a sampler box of top-rated Seattle-preferred coffee roasts, along with brewing tips and a taste profile.  And if you don’t want a selection of roasts, then you can choose to only receive the coffee of the month.  A subscription to Bean Box will set you back $20 a month.


If you’re a dog person and you love your canine companion more than life itself, then you should take a look at the BarkBox.  From treats and chews to toys and stuffed animals, the BarkBox has everything your furry little friend could want and more.  Let BarkBox know how big your dog is and then decide if you want any “pupgrades” in your monthly box.  Without any pupgrades though, a standard monthly box goes for $29 a month.


Snacking on too much of the wrong items can land a person in a not-so-good position – especially if you sit at a desk all day.  Graze wants to change that, though.  Each week (not month), Graze subscribers receive a box with up to 8 healthy snacks.  These snacks include specially-crafted grazing foods with twists on old favorites like chocolate pecan pie, triple berry smoothie, and peach cobbler.  But instead of a slice of something, you’ll get pieces of dark chocolate, pecans, nuts, dried fruit, and crackers.  Each box comes in at $11.99.


If you’re willing to spend a little extra on yourself every month, then you might want to consider a subscription to Popsugar.  For $39.95 a month, you’ll receive the best of home, fashion, and beauty.  Open your Popsugar box and discover full-sized, high-end items like fitness water bottles, yoga mats, candles, necklaces, and picture frames.

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