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6 office gadgets you need in your life

We’re all for a more enjoyable time at the office. Sometimes this might look like good coworkers or a great view or some amazing snacks. And other times, this will look like some mighty fine gadgets – like these ones.

Stand-Up Workstation

Sit. Stand. The choice is yours. With this ergonomically designed desk, you can sit and work or stand and work. And what’s even better is that you can roll this bad boy anywhere you need to go. Use your laptop, write notes, and even set your coffee down. This desk is stable, user-friendly, and easy to transport.

Water Bottle Humidifier

If you find yourself working at the office with someone who has the cold or flu, you’ll most likely be in the same boat a day or two later. A humidifier might be able to help with this, and this humidifier, in particular, can fit in one hand. Stuff it into your bag, set it on top of your desk, and fill up any run-of-the-mill water bottle. Slip the adapter onto the top of the water bottle, nestle it into the humidifier, and get to humidifying.

CableDrop Cable Clips

Got wires everywhere? That’s okay. We all do. However, these adhesive clips might be able to help. Stick these little guys onto your desk and control your cords, wires, and everything in-between. Prevent them from messing up your workflow, slipping off your desk, or just getting in the way.

Clip-On Desk Holder

While we’re on the subject of desk clips and holders, this desk gadget clips onto your desk and holds onto that coffee cup of yours. Or… anything else you need it to hold onto. Like your phone, a plant, a stapler, or whatever else you have laying around.

Cyanics Laptop Stand and Desk Organizer

This desk contraption solves two problems – clutter and monitor ergonomics. It can help you organize some of the random items on your desk – like pencils, phones, and cords (and even charge your phone in the process). And it will also lift your monitor up to the appropriate level of eyesight – this way, you’re more likely to have better posture and less eye strain.

Cup Warmer

Never allow your coffee to go cold on you. Keep it warm with this donut-shaped, USB-charging beverage warmer. Plug it in and keep your drinks warm during the day. Unplug it when you’re done and slip it into your pocket when you’re ready to go home for the day.

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