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6 things organized people probably do better than you

An organized life can often equate to a less stressful, more successful one. Keep your life in order and you’ll find things easier to find, manage, and complete. But how exactly do you become a so-called “organized person.” Well, this can involve quite a bit, but here are a few things, in particular, that organized people do better than the average Joe.

They don’t let emails go just anywhere.

Allow emails to pile up in your inbox until the end of days, and you’ll have some serious problems. It’ll be difficult to find anything unless your subject lines are accurate and searchable (which happens about 50% of the time). And organized people get this. So whether you decide to sort emails after you read them or to have messages sorted automatically into a designated folder as they come in, you need to do something.

They have a space for everything.

Organized people don’t just leave things laying around. Everything has a place and a purpose. This means that pens go in a holder, paper goes in a filing cabinet, and miscellaneous items have a particular drawer. Because of this, things are easier to find, quicker to get to, and less chaotic – which means less headaches, confusion, and wasted time.

They’re realistic, yet positive.

Negativity does nothing, but neither does a misplaced sense of optimism. Organized people are positive about their days, their workloads, and their abilities, yet they know when they’ve had enough or when their plates are a little too full. They’ll work hard to get things done, but they aren’t afraid to say no or to ask for help.

They get things out of the way.

Organized people eat that frog first. They don’t postpone the inevitable and avoid completing their most dreaded tasks. They know that no matter what, certain tasks – no matter how much they don’t like them – need to get done. Postponing these items will only lead to dread and unnecessary stress.

They use the right tools.

Not everyone is naturally good at being organized. It takes time; it requires a commitment, and it necessitates the proper tools. Without the right tools, you could be setting yourself up for failure, or you could just be failing to reach your full potential. Seek out tools like apps, gadgets, and software to help you keep tasks, activities, and events organized into the appropriate time, category, and place.

The get rid of what they don’t need.

Do you think an organized person keeps things they don’t need? Not a chance. They get rid of what they don’t need, and you better believe they don’t hesitate when they do it. Not even a little bit. Random papers, superfluous office supplies, old gadgets – they purge, give away, and destroy. Why keep it around if it’s only getting in the way and creating a mess?

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