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7 easy, cost-effective ways to motivate your staff

Motivating your staff to do more and to do it better doesn’t require much. In fact, it can cost you little money and require even less effort. Here are a few simple ways you can motivate your staff on a day-to-day basis.

Be flexible.

The average working professional spends a large majority of their waking hours at work. Because of this, personal matters can sometimes be placed on the backburner – like doctor’s appointments, extracurricular activities, children, and sleep. This being said, when your staff does need time to take care of personal matters, give them the time. And don’t make them feel guilty for taking off work early or taking a longer lunch than normal. Respect your staff and give them the time they need to handle their personal business. Do this and odds are they’ll feel the drive to work even harder for you.

Give them tools.

Don’t leave your staff empty-handed. Provide your staff with the modern tools they need to get work done more efficiently – modern tools like apps, gadgets, and software. Help them communicate better, collaborate with ease, work from remote locations, and do everyday tasks with less hassle. Do this, and they’ll be able to accomplish more and feel less frustration in the process.

Show some love.

Everyone likes to know that they matter, in relationships, in teams, and, yes, even at work. Show your staff some love on a daily basis, and they’ll continue to feel like what they do every day makes a difference within the business.

Bring food.

Who doesn’t like food? And the good thing about food is that it can be a relatively inexpensive way to motivate your staff. But it won’t just motivate your staff – it can bring them together, open up communication, and make them feel content with where they work and who they work for.

Say hi.

Sometimes it’s nice just to see the faces of the executives or upper management. And for certain personalities, all they need is a simple “hey, how’s it going” from the right person within an organization to feel like they’re a superstar.

Give feedback.

Your staff is working, working, working… but for what? And why? And does it matter? And is it acceptable work or can it be better? These are the types of questions that go through your employees’ heads on a daily basis. If these questions go unanswered for too long, it can cause unnecessary frustration and hurdles. So whether you decide to provide feedback on every project or once every quarter, it’s important to provide it.

Provide a roadmap.

No one likes a micromanager. People want freedom, and when they have the freedom to create, plan, and organize, big things can happen. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t want structure. In fact, an employee without a clear path is an employee who’s uncertain with his or her future. Give your employees a way to grow and a path to get there, and they’ll feel more comfortable staying with you for the long haul.

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