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7 quick tips for Microsoft Word newbies

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It’s probably impossible to go your entire life and not use Word at least once.  Microsoft Word is the ultimate hub for writing anything and everything.  And even if you’re more of a Google Docs kind of person or diehard Mac user, you can’t deny the incredible usefulness of Word.  It’s a thing of beauty.

But just in case you’re new to Word (which would be hard to believe) or if you’re just not that familiar with the program, here are a few simple tips and tricks to remember for that next time you go to write a document.

Use styles for quick formatting.

In the Ribbon, under the Home tab, Microsoft has a list of Styles to choose from that will make it easier to format your document.  These styles follow a pre-established theme that can be found and adjusted under the Design tab.  So, if you have headlines, titles, or quotes, all you have to do is select the Style for the given section.  It automatically adjusts the text for you with little hassle on your end.

Hide the ribbon.

Sometimes the Ribbon can make things look cluttered.  So, if you aren’t going to need the Ribbon for a while, go ahead and hide it.  To do that, you can hit CTRL + F1 and the Ribbon will disappear.  Hit those buttons again to pop it back out.  You can also use your mouse and click the up arrow in the bottom right corner of the Ribbon.  If you want to use the mouse to pull it back out, click on a tab and then click the ‘pin’ to get it to stay.  The pin can be found in the same area as the up arrow.

Remove formatting.

Say you used a bunch of different Styles to format your document but then you decide it really doesn’t look that great.  Or maybe you just aren’t happy with the way you laid things out.  To remove the formatting, highlight the text and click the icon that looks like an A with an eraser over it.  This can be found in the Home tab next to the font size and bullet options.  This will reset your text back to normal formatting.

Select sentence.

To quickly select a sentence, hold down CTRL and click the sentence.  This will select the entire sentence, from that capital letter all the way to that period.

Select paragraph.

To quickly select the entire paragraph, all you need is your clicker.  Triple click an area of the paragraph and the entire section of text will be highlighted.

Increase font size.

Obviously, you can click the area in the Ribbon under the Home tab to increase your font size.  But if you’re on a laptop or you hate your mouse, you can use your keyboard.  Hit CTRL + Shift + < to reduce the font size or CTRL + Shift + > to increase the font size.  You’ll still have to select the text before you can do any increasing or decreasing, but this keyboard function should make things a little quicker for you.

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