2105 November Big Names Triats Online

Big names introduce new traits.


File Requests

This new addition allows any person with or without a Dropbox account to upload a file or image to your personal or professional Dropbox account.  All uploaded files or images automatically organize into a pre-established folder.  You also have the option to assign deadlines to a File Request (Dropbox gives the example of a teacher receiving homework submissions).  To send a File Request to someone, send an email directly through Dropbox or copy the ‘Send File Request’ link and send it to that person.



Shove is a questionable new extension offered through Google’s web browser, Chrome.  This feature gives you the ability to open a new tab in a connected browser (your boss down the hall or a friend one cubicle over).  This tab will appear front and center on the screen of your choosing so use caution when shoving a co-worker, family member or friend.  To add the extension, visit the Chrome Web Store.

Microsoft 2016


Coauthoring is by far everyone’s favorite feature incorporated within Microsoft 2016.  This innovative adaptation of coauthoring rivals that of Google Doc’s.  See edits as they occur and even work on the same line as another person.  You tack a period onto a freshly completed sentence and a co-worker pops in to correct ‘their’ to ‘there.’  Also included is a version history, as opposed to an edit history.  If an author poorly revises a document, check out the sidebar and find a previous version you would like to return to.


3D Touch

Within the iPhone 6s is an innovative new interaction called 3D Touch.  Apple claims they use the most advanced technology yet to give iPhone users a new dimension and a new experience.  Through a combination of measurements, sensors and signals that actively work to identify and respond to finger pressure, a user can dip in and out of activities.  Apple calls it ‘Peek and Pop.’  Peek at new content without leaving your current activity with a subtle tap or fully Pop into content with a firmer, longer touch.  3D Touch also works on the home screen and within a variety of built-in apps to provide quicker, better shortcuts and an enhanced user-experience.

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