2105 November Cnet Smarthome Online

CNET wants to build the ultimate smarthome.

Maybe you have one or two smart gadgets sprawled across your home. Every now and then when you pass by your sophisticated looking thermostat, you giggle with pleasure and bask in the technical genius that is your home.

But that’s probably all there is. Your home is a little smart, but calling it a ‘genius’ is probably going overboard. CNET, on the other hand, does have a genius for a home.

This technology influencer wants to build the ultimate smarthome. Recently, they purchased a four bedroom, four bath home in Louisville to do exactly that. Their home will serve as the hotspot for all things smart. CNET’s goal? They want to accurately and realistically test a variety of smarthome products to show exactly how they work and if they serve their intended purpose in the process.

This Louisville home is smart in every kind of way, from toothbrushes and infant formula to gardens and kitchen appliances. As you walk from room to room, something connected to the Internet of Things will greet you.

CNET’s plans include a wireless charging countertop, robotic vacuums and lawn mowers, climate-controlled blinds, automated sprinklers, a web-connected washer and dryer, color changing light bulbs, and pattern-tracking sleep sensors.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these products, visit CNET’s Smarthome page here. On this page, you will find an interactive blueprint of the Louisville home where you can visit the 1st floor, 2nd floor and basement. Click on a room and receive a complete list of every product, as well as a review and the pricing of each item.

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