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Create the ultimate desk with these 3 tips / best pixels

If you work at a desk all day, then you know how absolutely soul-sucking and mind-draining it can be.  You look in one direction, and you see desk.  You look in the other direction, more desk.  It’s like a never-ending sea of desk.

If you’re lucky, there might be a window to look out or a soothing painting of some random forest to stare at.  But then again, windows and paintings of random forests can only make you loathe your desk more.

But what’s an office worker to do?

You could always up and quit.  But we don’t really recommend that.  How would you ever make it to that random forest?  What we do recommend, though, is to spruce up your desk a little.  Transform your desk into a working space that you like to be in and into a space that complements how you work and what you do.

Everything starts with the desk itself

Like most everything, you need a solid foundation if you expect to build anything worthwhile, and of course, this involves a good desk.  However, people will interpret this differently – a good desk to you might be an awful desk to another person.  And also, you should keep in mind that just because everyone says a standing desk is the way to go, doesn’t mean it actually is – because it probably isn’t.

If we were to make a suggestion, it would be this: consider an L-shaped desk with plenty of drawers.  An L-shaped desk will provide you with ample working space in a condensed fashion.  And as far as the drawers go, the more storage you have, the better.

Monitors make a difference

While we may be perfectly fine browsing the internet and checking social media on our smartphones, a 5-inch screen is not enough working space.  Heck, even a full-blown 17-inch monitor isn’t enough screen space.  These days, we need more.

Using dual monitors, or side-by-side screens, has been known to increase productivity, save time, and improve efficiency.  Dual monitors make it much easier for people to see information and manage involved work tasks (like data input, coding, and research).  In fact, research conducted by Dell a few years back showed that simply by using a bigger monitor, you’ll gain 66 days of extra work per user.

Create a work flow out of your desk

If you’re at work right now, take a look around your office.  Odds are you probably see a lot of cluttered desks.  And if things are really bad, you might not be able to see any desks at all.  And sadly, if that’s the case, then you’re reading the wrong blog.  You might want to google, “How not to be a hoarder.”  Either way, it’s time to clean up and create a legitimate workflow.

The more organized you are, the more potential there is for you not to hate everything your desk stands for.  Use those big, beautiful drawers of yours (after you clean them out and spray them down with Lysol) and invest in pencil holders, filing systems, and a few things that you might actually like to look at – like a picture or a plant.

Once you get everything cleaned and ready to be organized, think about what you use and how you use it.  Organize according to what’s used the most and when and where you need it.  Do you really need ten thousand pens within arm’s reach?  No.  Do you actually need a pound of paperwork from 1987 occupying what minimal space you have in your only drawer?  Probably not.

Be smart.  Condense.  And only keep what you need close by.

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