2016 Gadget Pantelligent

Gadget of the month: Pantelligent

Smart phones, smart cars, smart watches—what’s next?  How about a smart frying pan?aton-mebel

Pantelligent is exactly what it sounds like, an intelligent pan ready to turn your mediocre meal into a five-star feast. With rave reviews and smart technology, it’s more than a pan; it’s a certified sous chef, and here’s why:

Using a precision sensor along the bottom of the pan, temperature is measured across the entire cooking surface to maintain a continuous and controlled amount of heat—the key ingredient to cooking perfection.

Smart technology means safe technology. If your pan begins to reach dangerously high temperatures, you will be alerted via the Pantelligent app—saving your food (and possibly your kitchen!) in the process.

Speaking of the app, it offer some pretty neat benefits. Choose from a variety of foods that you plan to cook, watch the cooking temperature in real time using an interactive algorithm, and get visual and audio prompts for when to flip and complete your cooking. Pantelligent adjusts cooking temperatures and times based on how you follow the steps. Or use the Freestyle Mode which allows you to use the temperature graph to cook the way you choose.

Pantelligent only requires three AAA batteries, which go in the ergonomic handle that remains cool to the touch no matter how hot the pan gets. Those three little batteries last 12 months—that’s a lot of cooking!

On the Pantelligent app, find a variety of recipes backed by a time and temperature profile. The step-by-step instructions, ingredient prep and temperature graph guarantee you’ll have a perfect meal in minutes.

Don’t feel ashamed—feel inspired to cook. This smart pan takes the stress out of dinnertime with simplified recipes and real-time tracking that are just a click away.

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