2015 August Gadget Blog

Gadget of the Month Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet

Your technology is precious to you. It’s expensive, delicate and breakable and should be handled with nothing less than a large helping of TLC.

But, what happens when you decide to go on vacation? Better not take that tablet down to the beach. Sand might touch it. And, what if by trade your profession just so happens to be away from a desk? Best to leave it at home. A drop of water may land on it.

Well, Dell has decided to take a slightly different approach to this. Their latest edition to their long line of tablets has been coined the Rugged Tablet— The Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet to be precise. Throw it out the 2nd story window. Take it down to the battlefield with you. Go into a raging fire with it. The Rugged Tablet was designed for extreme environments. Firefighters, soldiers, welders, police officers, scientists, mountain climbers… this tablet was made for you.

Rugged’s 11.6” display can be seen in the brightest of suns and responds to the touch of the roughest of gloves. Its QuadCool thermal management system will keep your tablet functional despite the heat and its built-in, layered security will keep your data private despite your location.

Dell claims Latitude 12 was built for real situations and intended to handle anything life may throw its way. With dual hot-swap batteries, this tablet allows for all day use, untethered and unstoppable. Wi-Fi, mobile broadband and dedicated GPS gives the tablet instant connectivity from most any location.

So, if it’s a mountain you’re climbing up or a criminal you’re chasing down, Rugged would like to join you.

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