2015 October Smarthalo

Gadget of the Month: SmartHalo

Smartphones, smartwatches, smart cars and smart socks… why not throw a bike into the mix?

And, that’s exactly what CycleLabs thought… Why not?

CycleLabs brings to you SmartHalo—a way to put a bit of smarts into your bike. This innovative gadget turns your two-wheeled transport into a modern, color-coded cycling GPS. It permanently attaches to the handlebar of your bicycle and syncs with your phone’s GPS, as well as a fitness tracking app.

As you ride—for health, amusement or need–SmartHalo will show you directions, weather alerts, personal notifications and fitness progress. All this is represented in colors and shapes to provide minimal distraction during your cycling journey.

Because SmartHalo is paired with a smartphone application, your phone moonlights as your lock, security alarm and parking reminder. As you approach your bicycle, the gadget will automatically unlock itself. If another person decides to ride away on your bike or if they think your wheels would look better on their own bike, SmartHalo will sound off an alarm until you disable it.

When you begin to pedal, the gadget syncs with your application to monitor your fitness goals and cycling progress. It will track time and distance traveled, average speed and calories cycled off. The application also allows you to set fitness goals; as you ride, the gadget will notify you once you’ve cycled one off the list.

SmartHalo was designed to withstand harsh weather and was built to maintain a long battery life. When the battery does die, it recharges itself through a USB port. Right now SmartHalo is available for $99 at a special pre-order price.

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