2015 October Dual

Increase Productivity with Dual Monitors

When it comes to our personal lives, the screen size of a smartphone, tablet and even a laptop will do just fine.  Usually, we aren’t creating projects from spreadsheets and spreadsheets from pages and pages of information.  Instead, playing Clash of the Clans, checking our bank balance, reading our emails and browsing the latest news outlets are more typical.

However, as more and more of our work tasks migrate to a screen of some sort, one 17-inch monitor simply won’t cut it anymore.  We need two monitors to maximize productivity and to enhance the overall flow of our work processes.


If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to implement dual monitors within your work environment.  Why?  Well, for starters, dual monitors will bring your staff members an easier, faster way to complete their work tasks.  No longer suffer from the constant back-and-forth—from Excel, to Word, to the internet, to your CRM platform, to your email, back to Excel.

This back-and-forth motion will only create stress, exhaustion and a lack of total understanding.  How can an employee effectively see the total picture if he can’t ever see all the pieces at the same time?  On that same note, if your employee just went from Excel, to Word, to the internet, will he even remember what he was just doing an Excel?  Will he remember to come back to it?  Will he forget to add a crucial piece to the puzzle?


Wondering what activities a dual monitor will help you with and why?  Here’s a few for you:

  1. Make mistakes less: On one monitor you have Excel, on the second monitor you have your CRM platform. Easily create spreadsheets based off of data inputted into your database. Decrease the number of potential mistakes—input the right numbers, in the right columns, for the right client.
  2. Design more realistically: On one monitor you have code, on the second monitor you have your page. Create code, refresh your page and automatically see the updates.  Identify areas of concern and fix typos with ease.
  3. Never miss another email:  On one monitor you have your Email displayed, on the second monitor you have your other work activities.  See emails as they arrive and never miss an important update from a client, staff member or partner.  Decide whether an email is worth leaving your task, without actually leaving your task.

Dell recently compiled research conducted on the productivity and effectiveness of dual monitors in the workplace.  Here are the results:

  • Dual monitors save time and increase accuracy
  • Most employees prefer dual monitors, increasing user satisfaction
  • Studies have found a 44% boost in productivity for text tasks
  • Studies have found a 29% boost in productivity for spreadsheet tasks
  • On average, dual monitors allow tasks to be completed two and a half minutes faster, 40 minutes per business day

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