Karma Go

Karma Go provides a simple and reliable on-the-go Wi-Fi connection

Whether you’re working on the go or taking a family road trip across the country, you’ll need a steady stream of Wi-Fi to back you up.  And thanks to a tiny square gadget known as Karma Go, that’s a definite possibility.


For $99 and with a specified data plan, Karma Go will become your personal Wi-Fi connection.  This little guy transforms your LTE connection into a Wi-Fi signal so you can get a faster, stronger signal when and where you need it most.  Everything from your laptop to your phone and tablet can connect to Karma Go from a distance of 100 feet, and you can even connect up to 8 separate devices at a time.

With the Karma Wi-Fi app (available on both Apple and Android devices), you can control your data, update your account, and receive real-time data on where you and your devices stand.  You can see who’s connected, what your GB balance is, and what your data usage is by hour, day, or month.

Karma Go is tiny, coming in at about 2.3 ounces.  You can slip it into a backpack or tuck it into your laptop bag.  It stays active for up to six hours of use and recharges with a simple cable.

With no contracts or hidden fees, Karma Go is simple, straightforward Wi-Fi coverage.  You can opt for a pay-as-you-go model – starting at 1 GB a month for $15 – or you can kick off your coverage at 5 GB a month for $40.  If you decide to upgrade your account to Premium, you’ll benefit from features such as shared data, data limits, and private connections.


If you’re not sure about coverage in your area, you can always check out the Karma Go coverage map here.  They’ll let you know what type of coverage you can expect to receive.  Visit www.yourkarma.com/store to purchase a Karma Go for yourself.

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