2015 October Phone

Keep your phone alive with these 5 tips

Protect thy screen.

A screen protector will not make your phone invincible; however, it will postpone those inevitable scratches and cracks.  The longer you keep your phone scratch-free and without cracks, the higher your ROI is.  And, considering the most popular phones are nearing the $400 mark, a higher ROI is good by anybody’s standards.

You can score an inexpensive pack of 10 plastic screen protectors for about $5 or you can go up a level and purchase a high-quality tempered glass screen protector for about $30.

Sleek and modern or bulletproof? 

Yes, your phone is quite nice.  It’s shiny and slim, with curves in all the right areas; it’s a smokin’ hot piece of technology.  But, just how good looking will it be when it cracks out and loses its ability to think?

Not so good looking, right?  So, let’s keep it covered in a rock-hard, nothings-getting-through-this, brick of a case.

Well, hello there toilet.  We meet again.

According to CNET, 75% of people use their phone while on the toilet.  Of this 75%, 19% will then drop their phone inside the toilet.  This will not leave your phone in a very good spot—both mentally and physically.

So many pockets, so little space.

Pockets are never a good idea.  But, if you must put your phone in the pockets of your pants, pocket wisely.  Back pockets are a certified and definite absolute no, never, not ever.  You sit directly on your back pockets.  In other words, you sit on your phone.  Sounds like a good way to break it.

Also, as you sit, your pocket curves.  During this process, anything too big inside your pocket falls out.  Translation?  Your phone falls out—onto the hard floor, into the liquid-filled toilet, towards a broke-down, cracked-up future.

Your front seat loves a good show.

A great majority of phone breakers suffer from the Spidercrack Syndrome.  If your phone is too cracked, it becomes useless, unreadable and untouchable.  Many times this happens as you get out of your car: Your phone is on or near your lap and as you move to exit your vehicle, it gracefully falls from your lap straight onto the pavement.  If this happens, your phone will see the likes of the Spidercrack Syndrome. Avoid an early grave and keep your phone away from your lap.

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