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This to-do list app actually works, and here’s why.

Most apps used for productivity promise you the moon and the stars. They say that if you use their app, you’ll increase efficiency, get everything in your life under control, and become a rock star in the process. But we all know what really happens… you download the app, use it once, then delete it a few months later.

However, Google Keep is a little different. This to-do list app is so simple you might actually use it, and here’s why.

Create simple to-dos.

Google Keep is all about simple organization. Each to-do you create becomes a sticky note. Stack them on top of each other or nestle them next to each other like a grid or puzzle.

Build lists.

Your to-dos can’t always be boiled down to a simple word or phrase. Sometimes you need more… like a list – and with Google Keep, this is possible. When you’re getting ready to type out your to-do but you need to create something like a list of groceries, movies to watch, or places to visit, click or tap New List. This will automatically populate a checkbox. Label your list and type out your items. As you move through your list, each item can be checked off and moved to the bottom of the list.

Add images or drawings.

Adding images to your to-do’s can be extremely useful. Say you want to remind yourself to pay a bill next Friday. You could attach the image of the actual bill to your to-do, and when it comes time to pay the bill, you’ll know exactly where to pay it and how much you owe. Or what if you get invited to a wedding? Take a photo of the invite, attach it to your to-do, title it May Wedding, and then add it to your list of other to-dos.

Share with friends.

Whether it be your spouse or a coworker, sharing your to-do list with others is sometimes necessary, and with Google Keep, all you need to share a list with another person is an email address. On your to-do, click the “add-a-friend” icon, and you can include your collaborators from there.

Organize by labels and colors.

Google Keep has incorporated simple features to help you organize your to-dos. With color-coding and labeling you can quickly structure and separate your items. For example, with labels, you could separate all your to-dos by: To Buy, To Go, To Pay, and To Remember. Or you could organize your to-dos by colors – for example, each color specifies a certain action.

Set reminders and due dates.

What good would a to-do list be without reminders and due dates? With Google Keep, you can add a reminder for a specific date and even assign a location to it. For example, you could create a to-do for a dental appointment, assign the date and time of the appointment, and then add the location of the dental office.


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