2015 October Planner

Planner: Take the work out of working together

Office applications are great for…well, pretty much anything.


Communication…got it.

Scheduling…of course.

Reports…why not.

The 2016 version of Office takes all of these and amplifies them by—cue drumroll—365% (Ba-Dum-Tish).  In fact, Microsoft is claiming Office 2016 is so efficient that it “takes the work out of working together” and one of the ways they claim to have achieved this is through their entirely new platform, Planner.

This platform is like the Facebook for teamwork… or, at least, it looks a whole lot like it.  Each project has its own board and tasks and ideas are initiated through post-like cards within these boards.  You can attach documents or pictures to these cards and a preview will appear much like a post on Facebook would preview a link to a website.

The documents attached to these cards can easily be edited and viewed straight from Planner without leaving the application.  These documents are automatically saved to SharePoint.

Conversations can also be attached to the cards.  Communicate with team members inside Planner and tie them back to a specific task or idea.  Every conversation will integrate with your Outlook applications.

Prioritize your cards into separate columns, color-code them by urgency and assign a due date to each activity.  Transfer this information into easy-to-understand charts that can show your team if anything (or anyone) is behind or if everything is right on track.

Office 365 “will be available in preview to Office 365 First Release customers starting next quarter.”

Planner is a visual platform designed to enhance teamwork and organize projects. Here’s a few things you can do in Planner:

  • Establish a plan, project or idea.
  • Create to-dos and assign them as tasks.
  • Share files, chat about ideas and receive updates on projects, plans and tasks.
  • Visually track progress from a color-coded histogram.
  • Automatically notify members through email of new ideas, impending projects and upcoming events.

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