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Reduce office stress with these 5 simple tips

Things can get a little stressful at work.  Whether it’s the amount of tasks and projects that people throw your way or the simple fact that you’re inside the same building for 8. Long. Hours, the stress piles up.  You accumulate it during the day and then carry it home with you afterwards.  It affects every part of your life, from your family and friends to your mood and health.

But when you’re at work, there are simple things you can do to avoid accumulating too much stress.  Here are a few simple ideas.

Eat good food.

Food really makes a huge difference in how you feel – both physically and mentally.  The better you eat, the better you’ll feel.  And if you’re feeling better, then you’ll be more equipped to handle stress.  Keep some food at your desk – but healthy food that’s easy to snack on… like almonds, dark chocolate, apples, and grapes.

Talk to your coworkers.

When you’re more connected with your coworkers, they’ll feel more inclined to help you out.  So in the moments when you’re feeling like you just got nothing left in you and there’s too much going on, your coworkers will be there for you – to pick up one of your assignments, to throw a few words of encouragement your way, or to give you some much needed advice.

Talk to your coworkers and create solid professional relationships with them.  You’ll be surprised to find out just how rewarding and valuable this can be.

Manage your distractions.

Social media.  Email.  Smartphone applications.  These are the things that keep you from being productive and completing tasks to the best of your ability.  You fall behind on projects and tasks because you’re constantly distracted, and as a result, you find yourself stressed and drowning in things you no longer have time to complete.  But if you use an app like RescueTime or Freedom, this will no longer be the case.

These apps will give you an accurate picture of where your time is going and help you make adjustments to become more productive.  Block sites and apps for a specified duration and set personal productivity goals for yourself.

Take a walk outside.

People weren’t made to stay indoors all day.  That just isn’t the case.  And when people do stay indoors all day, they get stir crazy and their mood takes a major beating.  It’s easy to avoid this, though.  Just go take a walk outside.  Every few hours or so, spend 10-15 minutes outside.  Take a walk with a coworker and give your mood the boost it so desperately deserves.

Consider your technology.

The simplest way to a stressed out day is failing technology.  If the hardware and software you rely on to complete your job is outdated and poorly maintained, then you won’t have what you need to stay productive.  Because of this, your quality of work and mood will suffer.

An easy way to keep your technology in prime condition is by outsourcing your IT to a Managed Service Provider.  They’ll take care of everything – from maintenance and updates to security and upgrades.  And all for a flat, monthly rate.  There’s nothing stressful about that.

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