This successful Kickstarter campaign wants you to fidget like the professional that you are

As one of the most funded Kickstarter projects ever, Fidget Cube is the modern-day version of a stress ball. With an initial stretch goal of $100K, the masterminds behind Fidget Cube, the McLachlan brothers of Antsy Labs, managed to acquire over 154,000 backers for a total of nearly $6.5 million.

But what exactly is Fidget Cube?

It’s a stress reliever intended for office life.

Sitting in meeting after meeting after meeting and jumping from one monotonous task to the next can make even a non-fidgeter want to fidget. At these times, people typically resort to pen clicking, nail biting, or stress ball squeezing. It is what it is. But now, you have another choice… thanks to Fidget Cube.

Use this little guy to spin, roll, or click. Breathe, flip, or glide. You have options because the McLachlan brothers understand that not every fidgeter fidgets alike. This is why Fidget Cube comes with a dial, a ball, a stone-like portion to rub, a switch, a mini joystick, and a clicker (with the ability to even silence your clicking).

But what’s the point?

There are multiple points with Fidget Cube. But to be more specific, fidgeting, in general, is meant to relieve anxiety and stress that day-to-day life can bring down on a person and help people better focus on everyday tasks. And if you’re not completely sold on this idea, Antsy Labs has provided plenty of research on its Kickstarter page to make a believer out of you – like how stress toys can potentially boost your memory and attention and how fidgeting can help you better process and retain information.

How do I get one?

Right now, you can back the project on Kickstarter, and right now, one Fidget Cube will set you back $22. Orders will start shipping out in April, but as the website says, there have been hundreds of thousands of Fidget Cubes ordered already. Cubes will be shipped out in the order they were received.

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