Jonah Pruitt – CFO – Miami City Ballet

Tier 1 Techs is a smart company. From the time of their audit to the implementation of new systems, hardware and applications, they designed and built for the future with a careful, very mindful attention to the cost benefit of each change they made. They became our IT company for in-house support. We have improved our total capacity and especially reliability significantly and at a significantly lower cost. We just don’t have major problems. Tier 1 Techs responds to mission critical issues immediately, and they work until it is resolved. They manage our IT resources and vendors including cloud applications and telecommunications with objectivity and without conflict of interest. They are bright, quick, honest, trustworthy and reliable. They train and work with staff to improve their skills. We value them greatly.

“Before Tier 1 Techs came on board, we were always having difficulties with our system, our network would go down, it would come up slowly, it wasn’t a very efficient system.

They have improved our productivity and reduced our costs so our bottom line has gotten significantly better, I would recommend them to anyone if you want someone who is honest, hard working, knows what they’re doing and would be there for you when you need them on a mission critical or on just on the regular on the day on the job basis, they’re just there all the time.”

Miami City Ballet