Robert Keesler General Manager Pelican Grand Beach Resort

Tier 1 Techs is truly the definition of Smarter IT solutions provider. From day one Tier 1 Techs has been a key partner increasing productivity throughout the organization. They’ve planned and implemented long and short term projects and goals that best satisfy our needs, protect our data, and keep our guests happy. Tier 1 Techs proactive approach has stabilized our environment and has put us in a better position to compete. These guy’s aren’t your average IT company.

“What I really love about Tier 1 Tech, though, is the fact that they are 24/7 just like our hotel, unlike a lot of businesses out there, we have things… like night audit, things that go wrong with our POS system, and it might be 2 am in the morning and they have been responsive every single time, even to the point of if need be the president of the company coming in at 2 am in the morning and making sure we are up and running by the first customers getting into our restaurants, or a need to check out, making sure that everything that we need is up and running, and to me that’s been the biggest thing that Tier 1 Techs have done for us.

They have provided almost as if they were our own in house IT service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they’ve provided the service and yet at the fraction of the cost that it would be if I hired a full time person. It’s really led to what I would consider a lot of efficiencies from a small business perspective. The other thing that Tier 1 Tech has done is that as we have looked to upgrade our systems, they’ve really provided that technical expertise of a third party eye to review proposals to say this fits, this doesn’t fit, this is more than you need, less than you need, and here is the right fit.

To me, our relationship with Tier 1 Techs has just been absolutely phenomenal, and for any small business out there, really any small business that feels like they don’t need a full time IT department, this is a great, great solution to your problem.”

Pelican Grand Beach Resort