2016 Trello Light Bulb

Trello is the key to ‘idea’ management

Tired of jotting ideas down on sticky notes, sharing them through lengthy email threads or collaborating through complicated management software? Then say hello to Trello, the free and easy-to-use organizational tool that will help you take your ideas, projects, and to-dos from barely getting started to 100% complete.polvam

The Trello board is filled with customizable cards that can be dragged and dropped into any order and can even be a placeholder for files, images, and websites. Basically, this board is the ultimate dashboard and a simplified hub for bringing to life all your thoughts, ideas and goals.

Connect any number of people to your board and allow them to comment on cards and track idea progress.  Comments can be as long as they need to be and additional members can be tagged as the project or idea gains momentum.

There’s never a question of who’s seen what. Your accepted team members see what you see, giving them full access to the ideation and keeping everyone on the same page.

Never wonder what stage your idea is in. With instant notifications, you’ll know the important stuff via the Trello app, your personal email, or your desktop browser. Sync Trello across all your devices to make sure your ideas are always well within reach.

Create an iCal feed or view your cards as a calendar to ensure you always hit your deadlines and stay informed about upcoming tasks.

If one person moves a card, the adjustment automatically syncs with your board. This real-time technology eliminates potential delays and keeps ideas moving.

Your ideas are your babies, and Trello treats them with care. All data is sent over a secure SSL/HTTPS connection (the encryption used by banks), keeping your ideas safe and secure. And if you ever need to find an old idea, you can search by labels—which filter and categorize cards, meaning no idea is ever a done idea.

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