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The ultimate solution for that group text message

Technology is intended to make life simpler, and most people wouldn’t bother to contest this statement.  However, there are times when technology is so simple that it can quickly lead to chaos.

Group texting is one such scenario.

You send a group text message to six or seven people.  Some people respond to the group text message while others choose to reply on a private thread.  A few stragglers may opt for a phone call, and one random person might send you an email.

In the meantime, you’re thinking, “I sent a group message for a reason.”  Maybe you’re trying to assign a day to an event, or maybe you’re in the process of scheduling a new meeting, but with everyone opting for different avenues of communication, the act of scheduling and planning becomes nearly impossible.

But of course, there’s an app for that and a really good one, too.

Cola Messenger is a simple text integration that allows you to send Bubbles to a group of people.  These Bubbles can consist of a poll, to-do list, or ETA.

You can send anyone a Bubble, even if they don’t have Cola, and Bubbles make the process of coming to a group decision much quicker and ridiculously simple.

For example, you can send your family a message that asks what they want for dinner.  Follow this message up with a poll – pizza, spaghetti, chicken, or hot dogs.  Your family members don’t even need to respond to the message.  All they have to do is tap on their choice.  Once they choose, you’ll receive an instant notification of what each person wants for dinner, and the app will automatically tally up the votes for you.

You can also share your location with others without leaving the conversation.  Share your location inside the app or ask “Where Are You Now” to see where the other person is.  Receive real-time updates as they travel towards the meeting location.

What’s really neat about Cola is that you can even send a To-Do List Bubble.  Create a to-do list for an upcoming event like a birthday party or work project, and push it out to all parties involved.  Each person can claim a task and subsequently complete the task.  Cola eliminates the need for follow-up.

You can download Cola Messenger for free here, but as of now, Cola is only available for Apple devices with iOS 9.0 or later.

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