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Vivaldi – a new browser for a new experience

For many of us, picking a browser usually relies on one or two key elements – like security and speed or aesthetics and popular opinion.  Whatever it is that lends to the decision-making process, your browser probably doesn’t do everything you wish it would do and most likely doesn’t respond how you think it should.  However, Vivaldi hopes to change this.

Created by the former CEO of Opera, Vivaldi is a brand new browser that looks good, runs well, and can be customized to meet your eye, your browsing style, and your workflow needs.  Everything from your keyboard shortcuts to where and how your tabs are positioned can be completely customized to meet your browsing habits.

Think it looks better with the tabs off to the right side?  With Vivaldi, that’s a possibility.  To adjust your tab display, slide out the easy-to-find panel bar and quickly adjust your settings.  Your tabs can be positioned on the left or right side of the browser or the top or bottom of the page.

For those of us with jobs that require a lot of research or many open tabs at once, you can stack similar tabs on top of each other – like Google and Yahoo or Business Insider and Forbes.  To preview a site within a stack, simply mouse over the stacked tab and then click directly on the preview to access a tab.

Vivaldi’s hidden panel bar is a useful feature that’s easy to find and simple to use.  A small rectangle on the bottom left of the browser will slide open the panel, and from this panel, you can manage bookmarks, add notes, create contacts, and review downloads.  Notes, in particular, is a relatively unique function that allows you to type comments directly into a built-in text box.  From here, you can include pictures or screenshots and attach a URL to your notes.

If it’s the look of the browser you’re into, Vivaldi has that, too.  Since everything is nestled into the panel bar and all the tools are strategically placed within the header and footer in the form of icons, you have considerably more working space than usual.

The browser can be changed to fit your personal preferences – light or dark and with the tabs in the front or back – and the header will adjust to match the page you’re on.  If you’re on Facebook, the header will turn blue, and if you’re on, it will turn red.  It’s a seemingly small affect that has a noticeably pleasant impact on the eye.

Vivaldi is a great browser that will only get better with time.  Vivaldi engineers are working hard every day to create more valuable features that people need and want to use.  If you think Vivaldi sounds like a good fit for your browsing habits, you can check it out here.

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