5 Questions to Ask an IT Support Company

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You’re considering a transition to outsourced IT, a decision that will help alleviate stress and let you focus more on your craft and less on your network.  This is a big step to make as a company, and it’s important to know that the company you choose is right for your unique business.

We understand the difficulty of choosing a company that you can trust to protect your sensitive data, physical IT infrastructure, and employee and client well-being.  That’s why we’ve composed these 5 questions for you to ask prospective IT companies before you make your final decision.

  1. What’s your process for handling tech support tickets?
    Quick response time and efficient ticket processing are something you should be able to rely on. The candidate should have the capability to offer 24/7 support and organize an orderly solution to your problem.
  2. How do you ensure my data is protected?
    In addition to 24/7 response, does your team offer 24/7 data protection? How can I trust your company to monitor my network outside of 9-5 work hours? What backup and disaster recovery options do you provide? All of these are questions that the client should answer without hesitation.
  3. Who is your typical client and what industries do you work with most?
    Ask for references within your industry and do your research on the company’s credibility and BBB rating. You should choose an IT support team that can accommodate your company’s size including the number of devices connected to your network.
  4. How many people will be responsible for my account?
    Will I be designated both an account manager and technical engineer, or should I expect an entire team to respond to my tech support requests? Who should I expect to come to my office when there is a project that requires their visit?
  5. How much does your service cost?
    What payment options are available? Consider if it’s better for you to choose a flat monthly/annual fee or if you should take advantage of their co-managed support to help with specific projects where you only pay for what you need. Compare the value of their cost proposal with other options on the market, and be sure to consider everything involved in their services rather than looking at the black-and-white bottom line costs.

Need Outsourced IT Support?

At Tier 1 Techs, we encourage you to ask us all of the questions on your mind, and we’ll provide transparent and honest answers.  Our success is your success, and we believe that your best intentions are a priority over anything else.  Contact our team today online or at 305-501-4755 to learn more today!