6 Ways Cloud Phone Systems Stand Above Video Conferencing Apps

Every workplace is implementing new forms of internal and external communication. Depending on a company’s size, they could have offices in separate buildings that need to communicate with each other every day. The ability to actively engage with coworkers is essential to collaboration. There are so many options out there that it can be confusing to find the right one for your business.

There are VoIP for small business phone systems and IP phone systems. There are also apps like Skype and Google Hangouts. Even here, there are even several different providers for VoIP in Miami. Phone systems in Miami are just as competitive as everywhere else. All of that competition is missing out on another approach though.

Cloud Phone Systems.

A cloud-based telephone system can unify your communication in all new and efficient ways. An office phone service like this can handle standard phone calls, as well as, free internal voice and video calls. There are several advantages that cloud-based phone services have over other options like video conferencing apps.


  1. Higher Quality.
    Video conferencing apps cannot guarantee a consistently high-quality service. HD Voice is an extension of hosted VoIP phone service providers. The calling experience on HD Voice is always going to be better than traditional phone lines and video apps. Those video conferencing apps like Skype and Google Hangouts are free features. VoIP systems are monetarily motivated to secure stable pathways for their calling traffic.

  2. Call Recording.
    This feature is a part of most cloud phone systems. The systems include the ability to record and save audio files of your calls. Anyone can later return to these calls to review information or ideas that got lost in the shuffle. You can also approach an old call or meeting with the hindsight of how to improve for next time. There are add-ons for video apps that allow for recording, but they are not as reliable.

  3. Call Transfer.
    Call transferring, or forwarding might sound like a standard feature, but cloud phone systems can take it to another level. People can easily switch calls to other phones, extensions, outside numbers, or a conference call. Video apps often force employees to end calls and send out new invites. These applications were never constructed to work as phones. Their functions are somewhat limited by their construction.

  4. Extension Dialing.
    When you have a cloud-based phone system, every employee gets to have a personal extension. It can be accessed from your desk, cell phone, laptop, your home, or really anywhere with Wi-Fi. This feature extends your reach and allows for team members to take part immediately in more meetings or conferences. Video mobile apps will typically force you to scroll through an entire directory to find the connection you want to make.  

  5. Authentic Availability.
    One feature of cloud phone systems that people either underestimate don’t often know about is availability. It will let you know the real-time status of your employees. You can see who is currently on a call and who has logged off the phone system. This system can also track what device you are using and send all calls to the appropriate one. This prevents an employee from getting multiple calls on separate devices at the same time.

  6. Calling Reports.
    Reports on your calling can be an invaluable metric to study how your company uses the phone system. These reports can track internal and external calls so you can look for ways to optimize your usage. All of this data helps you make decisions about the way your company needs to communicate. You might decide you no longer need desk phones or want more conference options for your employees. Video apps offer very few metrics on your calling history.


You should not be paying any extra for all the internal communication in your business. Cloud phone systems offer more free features and has abilities that other applications do not provide. If your business requires a lot of internal communication, then a cloud phone system might be the best choice for you.