Cloud Integration

Discover how you can save money, experience more productivity, and increase collaboration with instant scalability.

Fully Managed Cloud Services

The benefits of Cloud Integration are infinite. Not only will you save money, but you will experience a hefty increase in productivity. Take your Cloud to the park for a stroll or to the beach for a swim - the Cloud goes everywhere you are. The benefits of productivity set aside; your business will reap the advantages of a more straightforward software implementation, managed desktop, enhanced disaster recovery, increased collaboration, and instant scalability.

Fully Managed Services
Let Tier 1 Techs manage the day-to-day complexities of your cloud integration operations and free your IT resources to focus on core competencies. Tier 1 Techs checks the quality and security of all services and provides customized cloud integration management for its customers. You can rely on Tier 1 Techs for any difficulties you face in managing your cloud operations.

Cloud Platform
As your applications move to the Cloud, desktops can take advantage of economies of scale and unmatched agility as well as your integration operations. By using Tier 1 Techs cloud-based services, you get the freedom and flexibility of the Cloud. You can choose from a wide range of cloud services including infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), data-as-a-service (DaaS), and software-as-a-service (Saas) suitable for your needs.

- 19% -

The growth rate for businesses moving into the Cloud.

Take It Anywhere

Real-Time Visibility
Uncover trends and spot errors with real-time, web-based visibility into your integration operations by cloud servers. Real-time visibility allows your brand or company to remain alert to changing trends and make the required changes before it’s too late and your bottom line is adversely affected. Through Tier 1 Techs IT services, you can have real-time visibility of your system and identify, prevent, and fix inefficient processes within the system.

Built-In Compliance & Security
Rest easy knowing your cloud data is secure in managed servers on our fully compliant platform or in transit using secure protocols such as AS2, FTPS, HTTPS, or SFTP. In the world of cloud computing, a significant issue is the security of information. At Tier 1 Techs we ensure to use the best security protocols to protect your data, and we guarantee privacy and data protection for all of our clients.

Straightforward Pricing
Transcend the unpredictability of traditional integration pricing with Tier 1 Techs direct, transparent, and predictable pricing. We believe in providing quality IT management and cloud integration services for our clients at affordable rates. Therefore, we do not trouble our customers with hidden charges. The cost of your selected services is transparent to you and within your budget.

Hybrid Integration
Connect any two application endpoints regardless of where they reside: cloud, SaaS, mobile, device, or on-premises. Businesses need to connect their existing custom and packaged solutions on a single platform for fast and efficient use and growth. Through our cloud integration services you can connect applications on-premises and in the Cloud. Tier 1 Techs ensures the simplification of the process of integration and provides seamless hybrid integration.

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