Azure Cloud infastructure

Azure Cloud infastructure is a viable option for unique business structures.

Azure Cloud infastructure Solution

Azure Cloud infastructure provide the availability and security organizations need to build a fully managed services solution that addresses their unique business requirements for server hosting. Our flexible infrastructure and high-capacity network for server hosting allows organizations to create a customized and dedicated server hosting environment, whether they require just a few servers or an enterprise-scale managed services solution. Tier 1 Techs’ managed servers are a single tenant within a server hosting solution and kept separate from other servers. For organizations that require strict security protocols, such as PCI compliance for credit card processing, dedicated server hosting is a viable option.

Dedicated server hosting is also a viable component of an IT solution for environments that include any of the following attributes;

  • Regulatory compliance of specific applications (PCI, HIPAA)
  • Need for full root access
  • High disk I/O
  • High memory or CPU requirements
  • Limited in-house IT infrastructure or resources

Azure Cloud infastructure


Custom Design

Organizations with steady traffic and predictable resource requirements can often realize cost efficiencies by leveraging managed server hosting including managed servers. Since managed servers are physical hardware, the monthly investment is often a fixed cost, allowing for easier budgeting.

Managed server solutions from Tier 1 Techs offers a full range of possibilities, from consistent, horizontally accessible structures to further custom-made and managed server structural design. Get the flexibility to meet the exclusive necessities of your applications and enterprise server hosting environment.

  • Fully managed operating system
  • Dedicated switch and storage configurations
  • Future-proof infrastructure
  • HIPAA-compliant environment
  • Performance IP

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