Data Protection

Secure your important data and avoid disruption from intrusion.

Continuous Data Protection

Dependable data security services by Tier 1 Techs offers continuous data protection services and data backup solutions for any business. In case of virtual or physical disaster, your business can not afford anything less than a fully working data recovery solution that provides copies of data delivered to you within an emergency time-frame and in a ready-to-use state. As a part of our systems for continuous data protection and data recovery solutions, Tier 1 Techs Miami provides continuous data protection and data backup services that address all your needs for the most aggressive recovery time objectives (RTO), often within the shortest possible time-frame.

With our data protection service, multiple copies of your data backup are generated every day and copied to a secure location. When retrieved, the data is in an immediately usable format so that you experience no delay getting your business' data back, up, and running.

Our Continuous Data Protection Delivers Value for Your Business!

Never worry about the ‘what ifs’ again!

Value For Your Business

Tier 1 Techs provides secure and efficient solutions for any data disaster you might encounter. Our data backup team ensures that you can continue to operate your business in the usual way even if you recover your data from a local machine or if you have a complete site failure. With Tier 1 Techs data recovery solutions, you can quickly recover your data because we provide a full suite of features to ensure maximum reliability, affordability, and security of your system. We use the latest technologies for data recovery, and our data recovery software will not only provide replication and recovery between any storage, but it will maintain multiple hypervisors in our private clouds to provide secure data recovery solutions.

With Tier 1 Techs’ Data Protection service, we are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and management of your data backup.

Our Data Backup Services are;

  • Based on a usage model so that you pay per use
  • Instantly accessible to address the needs of your business
  • Platform agnostic, supporting virtual machines, legacy mainframes, and servers
  • Backed by robust service level agreements (SLAs)

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