Network Installation

With experience and tailored solutions, Tier 1 Techs will install a network perfect for your business!

Advantages of Choosing Tier 1 Techs

At Tier 1 Techs, we offer you full-service computer network installation and configuration of all physical cabling and wireless networking equipment. From computer networking to fiber optic cabling, we will continue to monitor your network to ensure complete stability. Our qualified staff are experts in professional server and workstation installation, software integration, network infrastructure, network cabling, security, and internet services. You can be sure that each network installation solution provided by Tier 1 Techs is designed to your specific business needs.

Experienced Techs
Tier 1 Techs’ focus has been to hire and retain the most motivated IT professionals to seamlessly execute our services. Our professional staff is up to date with all cutting-edge technology and solutions in cabling and wireless networking.

Best Practices and Trends
The world of technology is fast-moving, competitive, and in a constant state of evolution. At Tier 1 Techs, we understand how important it is to make every effort possible to stay ahead of the curve. This is why we always focus on continued education for our team, so they give you the knowledgeable service you deserve in computer network and network cabling

Advantages Of Using Tier 1 Techs

Experienced techs, constant evolution, tailored solutions, and complete integration.

More Advantages

Tailored Solutions
Not all businesses have the same needs for computer networking or fiber optic cabling. At Tier 1 Techs, we believe in listening to everything you have to say, assessing your needs, and then letting our solutions team craft optimal resolutions for your business and technology needs in network cabling.

Complete Integration
You need your business’ IT support solutions to be effective and efficient. Choosing Tier 1 Techs means that we will provide robust technology solutions to make your network cabling as connected and reliable as possible.

We take customer satisfaction to the next level: Always Clients First.