How to Integrate BYOD into a Business

Pcr  | Tier 1 Techs

These days someone who doesn’t use a smartphone is a bit of an oddity. People seem to be tied to their mobile devices and it only seems natural that they would want to use them for work. Companies with a bring your own device (BYOD) policy can see a significant boost as you have employees that are more engaged with co-workers and customers. Managers and other decision makers are more available, and employees can collaborate with each other easily and quickly. Employees will show increased productivity, and the company will see cost savings as things are done quicker and more efficiently.

Allowing employees to use their personal tablets and smartphones has apparent risks, but when you integrate BYOD correctly, you can take care of some serious advantages.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

Be specific about what devices are allowed – Make it clear what devices you will support and what you won’t.

Have a clear security policy – If a user wants to use their personal device, they must agree to use a password to restrict access to their device. Users see this as an impediment, but it must be understood that their personal device will contain sensitive company information and that it must be protected with a strong password.

Integrate BYOD with your acceptable use policy – Chances are you already have policies in place for company-owned equipment but setting boundaries and having a clear policy will cover your business in case an employee transmits inappropriate material.

Use technology to separate company and personal data – While workers don’t want employers to restrict their personal use, in many cases management and legal departments don’t want to know what their users are up to on their own time.

Create an employee exit strategy – If an employee is using their personal device for company use, disabling email and any other access to company data on their personal mobile device should be a part of the exit interview.

With the right security measures, a thorough BYOD management policy can be a low-cost enhancement to your business. You will see increased productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and you will be assured that your business is protected.

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