With hospitality IT solutions by Tier 1 Techs, build customer loyalty with reliable IT services for hotels, restaurants, and more.

Hospitality IT

Tier 1 Techs offers the hospitality IT support you need to improve your customers' experience. You know all the industry's best practices for providing your guests with exceptional service but are you getting the best service when it comes to your technology? Updates, backups, securing customer information, and managing bandwidth are just a few tasks necessary to keep your infrastructure up and running smoothly.

That is way too much to keep up with considering the work it takes to deliver an exceptional customer experience every time. Fortunately, Tier 1 Techs has a team of IT experts that can manage your entire infrastructure for an affordable monthly rate. Can your technology keep up with the demands of your guests? Let us focus on your IT, so you focus on your guests.

The key to managing a hotel or restaurant is to ensure all the parts move as they should to quickly and efficiently meet the demands of your guests. From housekeeping to the front desk, to maintenance, every department must fluidly integrate. Because of this, maintaining dependable IT becomes a necessity.

At Tier 1 Techs, we specialize in bringing that dependability to your hospitality business. Whether you need us to build your network from the ground up or simply resolve your IT glitches, we can ensure your IT is fully integrated with your services. Companies in the hospitality and travel industry are burdened with high IT loads to meet the demands of a large number of customers. Managing your IT network and system to meet this increased demand can be challenging. With IT systems being used in a wide range of operations in the hospitality industry, we understand how important it is that your system always be up, running correctly, and getting the job done right. We provide quality hospitality IT solutions for every various sector of the hospitality industry.

Build customer loyalty!

Tier 1 Techs will help you give your customers the best service in hospitality.

Finance and Accounting

To manage the finance and accounts of hotels, restaurants, online travel agencies, car rental companies, and many other, there is need to employ an IT solution in a range of systems for effective functioning. Tier 1 Techs provides hospitality IT solutions in the finance and accounting area in the following aspects;

• Loyalty programs' accounting and analysis
• Travel and expense management
• Vendor management and discount capture
• Accounting and analysis of loyalty program

To remain competitive in a hospitality business, one needs to have the edge over web analytics and social media presence. Companies operating in this line of business require analytics, and with Tier 1 Techs' hospitality IT services you can have;

• Analytics of sales force and spending
• Analytics of social media reporting
• Analytics of your loyalty program
• Asset utilization
• Web analytics
• Customer experience analysis

IT solutions for newly opened and established hospitality businesses are unique and a bit different. We provide a range of IT solutions and management plans for businesses operating in the hospitality industry. A few of our hospitality IT solutions include;

• Project and program management
• Vendor selection
• Governance
• Design, development, and documentation of business process
• Project and program management
• Assessment, testing, and management of quality assurance
• Integration and performance testing of web applications
• ERP system and support
• Property management system

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