NEOCIS IT Services Onboarding

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4 Very Important Support Rules that will get your issue resolved quickly.

  • If you didn’t create a ticket you should assume we do know about it. When you create a ticket you will get an email acknowledgment with a ticket number. If you didn’t receive that you should assume we didn’t get your request.
  • Create a ticket immediately. it will dramatically reduce how long it takes to get your tickets resolved.
  • Be descriptive in your service request so your assigned technician can resolve your issue without having to reach you for more information. The process of having to locate you for clarification will significantly increase resolution time. After a few attempts, the technician will move on to the next ticket putting your ticket to a hold status. (Ex: Subject Line should state the issue, add screenshots of error messages, and the most details you can include on your original request
  • Support outside of normal business hours, weekends, and holidays require the approval of the Director of Finance. 

Here are the different ways you can contact our Helpdesk:


  • Create a ticket using the Tier 1 Techs Tray Icon
  • Create a ticket by sending an email to [email protected]
  • Create a ticket by calling 305.501.4755

If you have any questions please call Vicky (Office Manager) and she will be gladly to assist you.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation,

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