Azure and Office 365

See how Azure and Office 365 can benefit your business!


At Tier 1 Techs we understand how vital staying up to date on the latest technology is, and understanding how to utilize this new technology is essential for your business to continue to grow. Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform that many small and medium-sized companies can use to gain specific insight to their business as well as create a backup program that can save their company if a disaster were ever to occur. We are well versed in the migration of moving systems to the Cloud, and we will help you successfully use this technology to build your IT infrastructure as a plan that will benefit your business.

Compute – Virtual machines, and remote access can give your business the upper edge. Software that can be updated remotely or edited quickly sets your team up for success.

Data Storage – Your growing company can use this strategy to avoid purchasing expensive hardware as well as having a scalable business model for future and continued data growth.

Analytics – Real-time analytics of your IT system will allow for security systems as well as real-time data tracking to ensure your information stays safe.

Networking – The ability to work remotely through this system keeps your team available to work from anywhere all while keeping your data safely stored away from prying eyes.

Security – The identification and protection of the Cloud is easily managed through Azure and with the help of Tier 1 Techs, you won’t need to worry about losing valuable, secure information.

Microsoft Azure

The new hybrid cloud for businesses in Florida!

Office 365

With many unique collaboration features, Microsoft Office 365 offers many of our clients the ability to collaborate efficiently and use a variety of applications that make their jobs easier. Over the years Microsoft has developed a package that can help your employees efficiently work together. We specialize in the integration and updating all aspects of Office 365 to ensure all programs are running correctly and you are receiving the best software programs that can benefit your business in day to day operations.

Outlook – Part email service, task manager, and calendar app, Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular business-oriented email platforms. It allows our clients to work together all while keeping them productive on their email platform.

OneDrive – Working hand in hand with Azure, Microsoft has developed this program to help share and edit files throughout your business. Security is always of the utmost importance to Microsoft and us.

Skype for Business – Phone conferences are the meetings of the past. Video conferencing allows many businesses to grow and establish a credible customer relationship.

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