Microsoft Exchange

Applications that make your job easier.


Your Windows servers are well versed in many different types of applications that can help your employees collaborate and successfully build your business. As a collaborative enterprise application, Microsoft Exchange runs on Windows servers and supports a variety of beneficial applications.

Microsoft Exchange Applications:

• Email
• Contacts and Tasks
• Calendar
• Web-based and mobile information access
• Data storage

Microsoft Exchange

Tier 1 Techs can help your business take advantage of this all-in-one package.


Microsoft understands small businesses and has developed Microsoft Exchange to help small to medium-sized companies receive enterprise-level technology that will support their business structure. With all these helpful applications rolled into one, it makes it easy for Tier 1 Techs to update your system quickly so you can take advantage of all of the benefits Exchange has to offer.

Outlook Web App – Essential to communicating, this app will help users access email, messaging, and voicemail for effective communication. Tier 1 Techs will migrate your current email structure quickly for little downtime.

Backup and Disaster Recovery – With one solution for total recovery, Tier 1 Techs will establish a Cloud or hybrid backup system to ensure all of your important information is never lost and never stolen. This will help with business continuity in case of an emergency.

Advanced Protection – Encryption and anti-spam technology help keep your network free from any harmful viruses. If something does happen to your network, Tier 1 Techs is available to address the situation and stop the spread of detrimental problems.

Exchange Admin Center – This center allows Tier 1 Techs or your business’ administrators to delegate permission and change job functions without compromising security access to management interface.

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