Microsoft SharePoint

Collaboration is easy when you use Microsoft SharePoint and Tier 1 Techs!

Collaborate Simply

Sharing files and information inside or outside your organization is an efficient way to collaborate, but it is also challenging to do without sharing access to your network and compromise your network. Simplifying collaboration is the object of Microsoft SharePoint. Working with team members and deadlines creates a lot of moving pieces in many companies, but with SharePoint, all the important information, documents, and calendars are in one, easily accessible spot. The benefits of this application allow for a business to successfully grow without the pains of trying to figure out how the organization and team structure will impede the project. A variety of industries can benefit from this unique technology, and Tier 1 Techs is here to help.

• Budget Spreadsheets

• Calendars

• Documents

• Resources

• Databases and Servers

• Mobility

Microsoft SharePoint

Tier 1 Techs can help you collaborate easier with SharePoint!

Work Anywhere

Access to your files and documents wherever you are allows for total mobility. With the seamlessly integrated SharePoint and OneDrive, your employees can work from desktops, laptops, tablets, OR cellphones from anywhere in the world. Automatically sync your files and then share them with your team for the most recent, real-time, and up to date version of any document.

Simple Sharing – The ability to share files, data, news, and other essential documents allow your team, regardless of location, to always collaborate effortlessly and securely with no risk to your network.

Personalization – Whatever your business needs, Tier 1 Techs can help you customize your SharePoint app to provide organizational efficiency within your organization.

Knowledgeable Insights – The easiest way to share information is through additional apps like Yammer that provides the connections and conversations app that allows for your team to chat, talk, and video call within the platform for easy collaboration.

Update Processes – Workflow within SharePoint is easy to adjust, adapt, and experience with customized apps, forms, and operational workflow patterns. Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, and specific libraries will keep all of your information in one place, so you never have to search for a document again.

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