Windows Server

Get personalized deployment, management, and troubleshooting with Tier 1 Techs and Microsoft!

Benefits of Windows Servers

With the ever-changing structure of IT, working with a company that understands the changing environment is essential to keeping your business’ IT relevant and updated. Whether you are updating older technology or beginning from scratch, Tier 1 Techs has the expertise in Windows servers that will give your company the continued support you need for a hybrid-ready solution.

New Layers of Security – identity protection, breach resistance, secure virtualization

Software-Defined Datacenters – affordable and enterprise ready, Azure-inspired infrastructure

Cloud-Ready Application Platform – traditional and cloud applications, Azure hybrid usage

Windows Server

Tier 1 Techs is a Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Gold Partner

A Microsoft Gold Partner is certified to help you work with your Windows Server through Microsoft. We can help you deploy, manage, troubleshoot, and support your server all with Microsoft guidelines and Tier 1 Techs' customer service.

Advanced Security – With the addition of built-in breach resistance, attacks on your system are mitigated and quickly identified. The prevention of malware and ransomware is added as well to keep your important data safe.

24/7 Monitoring – Specialized alerts ensure that your system is able to detect any problems that may be issues waiting to derail your system. Tier 1 Techs will establish a baseline for this algorithm to accurately watch your network 24/7.

Troubleshooting – Downtime isn’t an option in today’s business world. When something goes wrong, you need it fixed immediately. We will work remotely with you to fix any issues you may be having so your system is ready to go quickly without losing time.

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