Ransomware Attacks in the Healthcare Industry

Peg Nov Wk  | Tier 1 Techs

Healthcare facilities have a lot to lose in the cybersecurity arena.  For beginners, think of the HIPAA compliances that they follow to keep sensitive data and patient information secure.  Now think about how calamitous it could be if that information got leaked to criminals.

Unfortunately, healthcare facilities are targeted more than any other industry when it comes to ransomware attacks.  In fact, the Ponemon Institute found that 88% of all ransomware attacks in the United States targeted the healthcare industry in 2016.

A ransomware attack occurs when a cybercriminal or group of cybercriminals holds an organization for ransom, forcing them to comply with steep monetary demands to regain access to their data.  Meanwhile, these anonymous hackers can steal valuable data and delete potential backups and servers along the way.  It’s, unfortunately, more common than most realize. For example, more than 500,000 individuals were affected by a recent ransomware strike on Airway Oxygen Inc. and Purity Cylinder, and another 300,000+ were victim to a ransomware virus on the Women’s Health Care Group of Pennsylvania.

How can Healthcare Facilities Avoid Ransomware Attacks?

As information technology continues to change and new innovations emerge, cybercriminals are working two steps ahead to crack the codes and dig up vulnerabilities.  Most of these ransomware attacks can be blamed on poor IT security practices.  If you’re in the healthcare industry, there is a single best solution to prevent yourself from becoming a statistic: relying on Healthcare IT experts like those at Tier 1 Techs.

How Tier 1 Techs Eliminates Healthcare Ransomware Threats

Tier 1 Techs is known for its wide-ranging IT consulting capabilities focused on healthcare providers.  As a managed service provider Tier 1 Techs understands how to mitigate IT risks while aligning with your budget and goals in the healthcare environment. Tier 1 has a credited history of providing a full range of IT services to clients in the healthcare industry for the past eight years.

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