The Benefits of Network Security Monitoring

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Your computer network is not a simple system. It may seem like it when everything is running smoothly in the background, but when one component fails, perhaps a server freezes or crashed, or maybe a router or switch fails, the entire network can collapse.  Active network security monitoring and colocation are ways in which your business can detect and respond to potential issues, keep mission-critical processes running, and safeguard itself from costly downtime.

By monitoring your network, you stay ahead of outages due to human error, hardware failures, configuration issues, or weather and environmental factors. Network monitoring gives you the lead time you need to respond and correct issues. But what are the other benefits?

  • Fix issues faster – Downtime is costly, especially when repeated because of the same issue. Network monitoring tools help you solve chronic issues like abnormal network traffic fluctuation or configuration errors.
  • Identify security threats – Network monitoring and threat intelligence can be your first layer of cybersecurity making it easy to identify and respond to spikes in traffic levels or strange devices attached to your network.
  • Justify equipment upgrades – A historic report of how your equipment has performed over the last 6 or 12 months is compelling evidence that you are due for an upgrade.
  • Manage change – Increasing workloads and overworked IT staffs mean your networks can go down more often and for longer periods of time. Also, networks have grown more complicated as new technologies become available and new internet threats are predicted.

At Tier 1 Techs, with our proactive network monitoring service, we will provide you with experienced and complete IT support to maintain and protect your network at any time. Whether it is supporting your internal business operations, running your e-commerce sites, or keeping your email communications flowing, you rely on these core services to help your business prosper. Our network monitoring platform provides around the clock network monitoring of your servers to ensure they are always up and running.

Keep your servers up and the downtime to a minimum by calling Tier 1 Techs today for a full consultation. Our technology experts are ready to make sure your business is running 24/7.