The Importance of Data Protection

Sn Dec Wk  | Tier 1 Techs

Protecting your critical business data is the goal of your entire network security system.  But even the best defenses can be breached by a determined foe. Cybercriminals target small and medium-sized businesses thinking (and rightly so) that due to limited budgets and ineffective security strategies, they are low-hanging fruit. Here are some reasons why you should take this threat seriously.

Fear of financial loss – Corporate data is an asset that must be guarded. Operating systems and applications can always be reinstalled, but confidential employee data, your customer’s personal data, financial and credit card information and user-created data are valuable and irreplaceable and open you up to liability for identity theft. Data loss can directly impact your bottom dollar as well. You can lose sales and sales leads, damaged business credit, and loss through settlements and other liabilities. Also, a data breach can lead to continued losses down the road.

Compliance with regulatory standards – Businesses, including small and medium-sized, must follow regulations and compliance standards for electronic communication, stored data, and the handling of customer financial information. The pressure to remain compliant isn’t simply a legal issue; it forces you as a business to scrutinize how you handle this information. Any weaknesses in security, poorly defined processes, or poorly trained employees are a liability to your company.

Loss of productivity – When your network is breached, and you need to recover, this results in downtime and loss of productivity. If your recovery process is old or nonexistent, your company loses even more valuable uptime trying to get mission-critical systems back online so that you can do simple tasks.

Tier 1 Techs provides secure, complete, and efficient data protection and data recovery services to respond to any disaster or data breach you might encounter. Our data backup team ensures that you can continue to operate your business as usual even if you recover your data from a local machine or if you have a complete site failure. We have served the Miami FL area for decades, call Tier 1 Techs today for a complete consultation, and we can implement a complete data backup strategy that suits your business and your budget.