Tier 1 Techs: Experts in Miami Hospitality IT Management

Sn Jan Wk  | Tier 1 Techs

Before Tier 1 Techs’ CEO, Bensin Joseph founded Tier 1 Techs nearly a decade ago, he was the Director of Information Technology for one of Miami’s most prestigious 5-star hotels, The Four Seasons Hotel Miami. And prior to this job, he led as the IT Manager of Miami Museum of Science.

In these roles, Bensin learned what it takes to maintain a secure IT network in hospitality environments, where customers depend on integrated technology to make their experience enjoyable.  As the CEO of Tier 1 Techs, Bensin has passed on this knowledge to the entire staff, from our technicians to our 24/7 support team.

How Do We Help Hospitality Organizations?

With all the work it takes to deliver an exceptional customer experience for every single visitor, it can be extremely difficult to find time to keep up with the technology demands of both guests and employees.  What happens when the WIFI isn’t working for a group of guests while your concierge is simultaneously struggling with the front desk’s computer?  Take it from Bensin, it can be a whirlwind of stress to keep up with the technology demands of a hospitality organization.

That’s where Tier 1 Techs comes in.  We take the stress of IT out of your hands, so you can focus on your guest’s wellbeing.  We believe that the key to managing a hotel is to ensure all the parts move as they should to quickly and efficiently meet the demands of your guests and staff. From housekeeping to the front desk, to maintenance, every department must fluidly integrate. Because of this, maintaining dependable IT becomes a necessity.

Finance and Accounting Solutions

Tier 1 Techs provides hospitality IT solutions in the finance and accounting area for loyalty programs’ accounting and analysis, travel and expense management, and vendor management and discount capture.  Plus, we also can help to make sure companies maintain a competitive edge over web analytics and social media presence by providing analytics of sales force and spending, analytics of social media reporting, asset utilization, web analytics, and customer experience analysis.

Looking for Hospitality IT Solutions?

Call the experts at Tier 1 Techs. We’ll help you build customer loyalty by providing the best Miami IT Hospitality solutions available.  Give us a call at (305) 501-4755, or request a quote online today!