Using Collaboration Apps Carefully

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Collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, and Facebook Workplace have become a massively successful component in the world of corporate technology, increasing employee communication in ways that primitive instant messaging apps never could.

With these platforms, employees and stakeholders can easily share their ideas, important documents, and company data within a cloud-based platform, without ever leaving their own desk. Sounds like a perfect tool for your company, right? Unfortunately, they can be a threat to your company’s cybersecurity.

What’s the risk?

There always seems to be a negative to balance a positive in life, and the same applies to the information technology world. Cybercriminals are always finding ways to infect new IT innovations, and since these are cloud-hosted messaging programs, hackers are constantly working to infiltrate the platforms. Take the collaboration app known as Slack as an example; in 2015, 500,000 email addresses and other personal data were hacked by a cybercriminal group.

So, it’s important to know the security risks behind your chosen collaboration app before you go all in.  Here are some tips to beef up your collaboration safety.

Update web browser privacy settings.

Most collaboration apps use public web browsers, meaning that users are vulnerable to unauthorized tracking. Instead, consider choosing a collaboration platform that can be downloaded to a device and used offsite rather than on a web browser.

Require Employee Training.

Keep your employees up to date on best security practices. For example, require your employees to use complex passwords that are unique to the collaboration app, meaning they aren’t using it to log into anything else.  Take a look at these tips for help.

Disable Email Summaries.

Most collaboration apps will send summaries of daily activity via email.  The problem with this is that email is a favorite medium for hackers, as 66% of malware in 2017 was installed via malicious email attachments.  Most collaboration platforms will provide daily summaries within the software itself, so opt for that instead.

Be Strict with Privileged Access.

Like your IT infrastructure, only certain people are administered access to certain things within a collaboration app.  Give certain privileges to those who are competent in this industry, like your MSP or IT Director.

Leave it to the Professionals!

Tier 1 Technologies can help your company maintain high-security standards with collaboration apps to avoid revealing sensitive data to hackers.  We keep up with the latest trends regarding collaboration apps and security breaches and will give you the insight we gather. Reach out today to learn more!