What are the Benefits of Enterprise Mobility?

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Working remotely is a luxury more and more employees are taking advantage of.  In fact, a 2017 Gallup survey found that at least 43% of American workers worked remotely on at least a part-time basis. That same survey found that the ability to work remotely and have a flexible schedule was a major factor for employees when choosing to take or leave a job.

As your business grows and mobile technology develops, you will find more opportunities to use new technology and give your employees the freedom to do their jobs on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets wherever they have an internet connection.

This trend is referred to as enterprise mobility and companies have responded by expanding their mobile computing and data protection abilities and policies. When you combine enterprise mobility solutions with technology like cloud computing, you will find your business processes will improve in a number of ways:

Better workflow – Your employees will be able to collaborate and work together in real time which means processes will be done quicker, customers will be handled sooner, and key decision makers will be able to discuss critical issues and act sooner.

Less paperwork – Since remote employees will deal mostly with centralized digital documents, you will find you need to print and file physical copies less and less. This reduces the obvious cost of paper, toner, and physical storage but also allows for customized access to certain users.

Easy implementation – Many employees are able to use their personal devices for business use.  This is referred to as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and by providing mobility security, you allow them to use their personal devices while maintaining network support.

Flexible employee work schedules – Employees that have the freedom to better manage their personal lives with what is required for their jobs tend to be happier. This also eliminates a lot of supervisory work and gives your employees more autonomy.

With Tier 1 Techs, anywhere you are, your mobility solutions from Tier 1 Techs will be with you. Through Tech 1 Tier’s device management solutions, you can create a user-centric environment for employees while managing the risks, complexity, and costs linked to multivendor device environments. Give our team a call today at 305-501-4755 or reach us online for more information!